What We Do

We offer services to any Builder, Designer, Distributor & Home Owner.

What We Do

Our Installers are experienced in their skill set. AEI Installers have made appliance installation their life’s work. (20 years of experience). Equipped to handle all mechanical connections – Gas, Plumbing, Venting, and Electrical. Servicing homes and businesses AEI ensures you get the right treatment.

Installation Capabilities


Icemaker install or drain pump for under counter
Built-in fridge install, includes water connection
Built-in fridge joining (all sizes), includes water connection
Pro Wine Units (full size) Built-in
Frigidaire Commercial Fridge & Freezer Casters Installation
Standard fridge install (NON built-in) Water connect is extra
Electrolux/Frigidaire Fridge Freezer Install
Undercounter Bar, Wine & Drawer Fridges


Water short connect includes icemaker if required
Water long connect includes icemaker and through cabinet if required


Dishwasher install for all dishwashers (includes re & re when required, does not include removal)


Electric cook top install
Single wall oven or Built in Microwave install
Double wall oven Install, Combination units. Microwave oven combo
Steam oven install (short connect)
Steam oven install (long connect)


Electric downdraft cook top
Gas cook top or stove downdraft
Electric stove downdraft
Exterior remote blower
4″ – 10″ hole to outside through brick or stucco. 
Chimney style, wall mount or insert hood install up to 36″ model
Pro hoods larger than 42″-60″
In-line blower install
Island hood Fan Installation
New OTR or Under mount hood Install (includes re & re)
Pop up downdraft


Gas long connection (new line) , BBQ gas line long connect
Gas short connection (already existing)
Gas appliance conversion
Gas Disconnection
Gas short connection (pro range) Slide In Rangetops
Gas long connection (pro range) Slide In Rangetops
Hard wire Appliance (Dual Fuel)


Single unit hook-up GAS (Includes door swing)
Washer, Dryer, Side-by-Side or Stack ELECTRIC (Includes Door Swings)
Washer, dryer side by side or stack GAS (Includes door swings)


Appliance accessories
BBQ conversion
Non plumbed coffee maker install
Plumbed coffee maker install
Trash compactor install
Initial Electric or Gas Disconnect (1 Unit only)
Disconnection of additional units after first unit
Door swing for fridge, undercounter
Built in microwave drawer install, Free standing microwave & trim kit install or Warming drawer install
Panel install for 1 panel, Add 1 point per ADDITIONAL PANEL
Pedestal install ( 1 or 2 peds OR 1 sidekick)
Pro Fridge Door Swing
Removal of appliance (1 piece)
Removal of any additional pieces after 1st piece

Our Approach

Our technicians come out to inspect the Gas, Electrical, Plumbing, and Ventilation.  Also we make sure cut outs are ready for the appliances to be installed, this ensures the appliances are fitted correctly. If you are aware prior to us arriving on site of the product specifications, let us know and this will assist in making your time more efficient since we are able to anticipate what needs to be done.

We work with you to get the job done. Our technicians are certified by a variety of manufacturers to ensure they are up to date with any changes to industry standards and equipment specifications.

Depending on your project plan, we offer a picture site inspection where we visit the site to take measurements of the area of installation. If you are concerned with your design layout having this picture site inspection that we provide of your appliance area will help us strategize with you the best way to implement your design vision.

While you provide creative competency for your clients, we work with you to ensure a flawless install. Our goal at AEI is to inform you of logistical issues with each appliance so your room will always be stylish, functioning and competed on-time.

With our knowledgable and reliable team we co-ordinate and work alongside your in house installation department and/or customer service in assisting with your appliance installation requests and services inquiries.

As a service provider for your appliances, we take pride in learning your products and providing customer care to clients. You can be confident and rely on AEI to provide a top of the line service for your top of the line appliances.

Purchasing and installing the perfect appliance for your home can be a daunting task. With AEI’s Picture Site Inspection, we will help you make an informed decision about what appliances will work best in your space. Our technicians are knowledgeable and specialize in products from Sub-Zero, Wolf, Thermador and many more. We know your time is precious. Our team of installation technicians are reliable and commit to the installation time you book. In addition, technicians will empower you with the information needed to use and maintain your new products.

At AEI we offer dependable service. Our knowledgable technicians will install your products to manufacturers specifications. Please refer to our contact page for additional requests.


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